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4 Tips for Packing Fragile and Expensive Things During Your Next Move

Preparing for a move isn’t the most fun in the world. You might feel stressed at the thought of having to pack all your things. This is especially true if you have to deal with expensive or fragile items. But there’s no need to get down in the dumps. If you pack carefully, your valuable items will safely arrive at your destination. Here are BLANK tips for securely packing fragile and expensive items.

Purchase Good Cushioning Material

Fragile and expensive items require material specifically made for cushioning. You can’t just toss these items in a box with a few pieces of newspaper. It’s worth it to invest in bubble wrap and sturdy packing paper. When packing glasses, make sure to stuff packing paper inside and wrap the glasses in bubble wrap. And if you’re shipping fine tableware, place bubble wrap between each plate. 

Use Clean Sturdy Boxes  

It’s tempting to collect used boxes from places such as grocery stores or retail outlets. And that’s fine for some situations. But when packing expensive or fragile items, it’s best to purchase new boxes. One exception is if you have an item’s clean original box and original packaging in excellent shape. In that case, it’s usually safe to repack the item back into its original box.

Stack Lighter Boxes on Top of Heavier Boxes

When stacking boxes, lightweight boxes belong on top of heavier boxes. You wouldn’t place a box of pots and pans on top of a box of glass figurines. Even if the figurines are in bubble wrap, that doesn’t mean they can withstand the weight. Pack strategically. Heavy items on the bottom. Light items on the top. 

You can also place smaller boxed items together into one large moving box. So instead of packing several small boxes, condense everything into one box. This keeps the smaller items from sliding around inside the moving truck. And should a heavy box end up on top, the smaller items are less likely to suffer damage.

Label all Boxes 

Get a permanent marker and label all of the boxes. Mark fragile or expensive items as “fragile” your local Austin movers will know to take extra care. It also helps to note which items are inside each box. This simplifies unpacking. For instance, you’ll know which boxes contain items for the bedroom, bathroom, etc…

Take the Stress Out of Packing 

The tips mentioned here will take the stress out of packing. You won’t have to worry about your fragile and expensive items being damaged. Just make sure to start packing before the last minute. If you’re not rushing, then you’re more likely to do a good job.

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