How to Transform Your Bedroom This Summer

decorated bedroom

In the summer months, your comfortable bedroom could turn into a sweltering prison. To create a comfortable and cool environment for yourself, take away your winter bedding and store it in a closet. You can also dress up your windows with summer curtains and make simple swaps and changes so that your bedroom can be a light and airy part of your home. This article will show you some ways that you can make your bedroom a place you want to be in the summer.

Start the Summer Off With a Decluttering Session

Throughout the year, you may have acquired some things that have no ostensible purpose. During your spring cleaning session, take the items in your bedroom and throw out or give away all of the things that make the room less welcoming, cluttered, and crowded. Once you do that, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you just made life a lot easier on yourself.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Your bedroom may be a bit cooler if it’s clean and uncluttered. You don’t have to do a major cleaning session 7 days a week. You can take one weekend day and clean your entire bedroom. During the week, you can clean surfaces and make sure that all of your clothing goes either in the closet, hamper, or dresser. Cleaning your bedroom doesn’t have to be a torturous affair. If you do a bit of spot cleaning every day, you’ll have less to do when the weekend arrives.

Make Your Bed Ready For Summer

Switch your duvet for a lighter cover. To take things further, you can make your bed with lightweight sheets and throws. Save the heavier blankets for a chillier night. By doing a summer bed makeover, you’ll ensure that you’ll get better sleep during the dog days of August.

Pick Cooler Colors For Your Bedroom

Cool colors can actually make your room feel cooler temperature-wise. Colors such as greens, blues, and grays can make a warm room in the summer seem more comfortable. Some experts say that cooler colors can even calm you in the midst of the sweltering months.

Don’t Forget the Bright Colors

Brighter hues have their own place in a summer bedroom. When it comes to ratios of neutral colors to brighter hues, think 75/25. You can also choose a permanent palette for your room and choose accents according to the seasons.

Renovate Your Bedroom

Yes, renovating your bedroom is an option. It’s not a cheap activity–especially if you’re hiring a modern architect–but choosing the right windows, window dressings, heating, and cooling systems, and fabrics can make your bedroom feel a lot cooler during the hottest days of the year.

Your bedroom doesn’t have to look the same all year round. You can do a complete overhaul of your bedroom or you can change around bedding and curtains according to your choices. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that your bedroom looks like a place where you will want to both hangout and sleep.


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